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Law Practice as a Business


Law Practice as a Business

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Transform your law practice into a successful and profitable business with Law Practice as a Business. The book provides practical guide…  Order your copy today.



Law Practice as a Business discusses a critical aspect of law-practice business—the business of making money in legal practice. It shares some of the vital business strategies and distinct ideas peculiar to the legal industry. The ideas are presented with the clarity of thought and simplicity of language. Hopefully, this keeps you relaxed while activating your logical and innovative thinking mind. In addition to Stephen’s knowledge and personal experience, the fundamental business aspects of legal practice discussed in this book also draw from the ideas of well-accomplished legal practitioners and scholars, locally and internationally. Therefore, some of the opinions expressed in the book are authoritative. The ideas are not only authoritative but realistic, with proven degrees of success. The book is meant to be a source of information, inspiration, and motivation for all categories of lawyers—especially young lawyers—as well as law students and the lay-in law, including people in service-based businesses. is an online store for books by Stephen I. Azubuike.

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